Insurance FAQs

Why work with an independent agent?

We work for you the customer, not the insurance company. Protecting you and your families assets properly is our number one priority.

What if our rates go up and we want to shop around?

We do this every year FOR YOU, taking the stress off your plate. We are always making sure that our customers have the very best policy at the very best rate.

Do I save money by bundling?

ABSOLUTELY! You will always get the biggest savings when you bundle your home/auto insurance. Locke Insurance Group is proud to partner with AAA insurance and able to write their bundle package. AAA is one of the highest rated insurance companies in the nation with one of the best policies we have access to. You can bundle your home/auto and Umbrella with AAA. 

We are also a Platinum agency with Progressive which not many agencies are. This gives us access to their bundle program allowing our customers to save big money by placing both home/auto with Progressive.

Have other questions? Contact us and we’ll happy answer them for you!

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