Business Insurance

Business insurance offers protection to your business and shields it from financial difficulties that you may encounter in the event of an accident, property damage, professional errors, compensations claims from workers, or other unanticipated claims. Having the right business coverage is essential in reducing the adverse impact of the unexpected.

Types of Business Insurance

Learn about the different coverages for your business.

General liability insurance Jacksonville Florida

Also known as business liability insurance, this coverage is vital for most small businesses. It offers protection against bodily injuries, advertising injury that may result from your business, and property damage. General liability insurance is not responsible for injuries sustained by your employees, auto accidents, or damages resulting from professional mistakes. 

Commercial auto insurance Jacksonville Florida

If you use a company car for business tasks, you’re responsible for the employee, car, and possible accidents on company time. This coverage offers protection from damages and liability for your commercial automobiles. It also includes travels made for the business, delivering and transporting tools and equipment, and so on.

Professional Liability coverage Jacksonville Florida

Professional Liability protects your company against claims of negligence. Also referred to as the Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O), professional liability ensures your business’ financial stability in the event of litigation. Depending on your industry, a customer may claim negligence that caused their business to suffer – even if this is not necessarily caused by your service or recommendation.

Cyber Insurance Jacksonville Florida

Cyber insurance offers protection and shields your business against data breaches and cyber-attacks. This policy is essential for businesses that store sensitive data related to their customers, such as their credit card information.

Business owners policy jacksonville florida

Business owners policy is commonly used by business owners with commercial buildings or personal property. This policy combines property coverage and business liability into a single package. 

Workers' compensation insurance Jacksonville Florida

Take care of your employees with workers’ compensation. It covers expenses such as medical costs and wages related to workers who suffer injury or get ill while at work. It also provides death benefits to the family members and covers the costs for acquiring new skills for workers who can no longer work as they did before because of injuries sustained.


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