Variables to Consider When Looking Over Motorcycle Insurance Policies

Riding motorcycles are a popular hobby for many Florida residents. If you own a motorcycle, insurance helps protect you while traveling around the state. Florida motorcycle insurance policies can be complex at times, so learn about the minimum coverage you are required to have in order to operate your motorcycle legally. You need a traditional motorcycle policy. Your auto insurance policy does not cover your motorcycle. Ensure that you have a comprehensive policy that provides medical coverage if you are injured in a collision.

Recommended Coverage

While purchasing Florida motorcycle insurance isn’t mandatory, you must obtain basic medical coverage to operate your motorcycle. You can obtain coverage through an insurance agent or you can contact the Florida Bureau of Financial Responsibility. If you have enough assets, you can obtain a Self-Insurance Certificate.

If you’re over the age of 21 and have insurance, you can opt out of wearing a helmet while you ride your motorcycle. However, riding your motorcycle without a helmet is a huge safety risk. Helmets help prevent brain injuries and potential deaths. Even if you are a skilled rider, one mistake from a reckless driver can cause you to suffer a serious injury. Eye protection is mandatory according to Florida law.

Florida Motorcycle Insurance Variables

  • The Type of Coverage You Have

    The type of coverage you have is the foundation of your policy. Purchasing basic coverage allows you to save money compared to obtaining full coverage for your motorcycle. You have to decide the level of financial risk you are willing to incur.

  • Riding History

    Insurers will look at your riding history. If you have had many accidents, speeding tickets, and other issues, you will have to pay higher premiums.

  • Any Previous Claims

    If you have filed multiple motorcycle accident claims in the past, your premium will increase substantially. This is because insurers will assess your claims history. If you have a record of filing claims, they’ll expect you to do so again.

  • Your Age

    Insurers often stereotype young riders as reckless. If you’re young, the perception is that you’re more of a high-risk rider. That could impact your rates. Once you reach the age of 25, your rates may start going down.

  • The Value of Your Motorcycle

    While you’re shopping for a motorcycle, remember that luxury brands cost more to insure. Insurers will adjust your rate depending on the type of motorcycle you have.

Consult with Locke Insurance Group

Riding motorcycles is a fun hobby for many people. However, you must have enough coverage in place to protect yourself in the event of an emergency. If you have any questions about your Florida motorcycle insurance policy, contact our team at Locke Insurance Group,  we will assist you.

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