Key Considerations for Buying Life Insurance While Young

When you are younger, buying life insurance may not be your priority as you think you are still healthy and may not need one. However, the best time to buy life insurance coverage is believed to be between the ages of 20 to 40. This blog discusses how buying life insurance when you are younger Read More

How Does Life Insurance Work with Wills and Trusts?

To ensure that your family can access the death benefit of your life insurance and total assets, you name a beneficiary in the policy and your will. This is an important process to ensure your loved ones are financially secure after death. However, you must understand that these are two separate components, and either cannot Read More

A Quick Guide to Life Insurance Beneficiary Laws in Florida

Although most beneficiaries are aware of being listed in life insurance policies, some may not be notified by the policyholder, resulting in unclaimed benefits. Here is a look at essential life insurance beneficiary laws in Florida. How does life insurance work in Florida? Every state has its own laws concerning various types of insurance. The Read More