Do the Drivers Affect the Cost of Commercial Auto Insurance?

Comprehensive commercial auto insurance is essential if you own or operate a vehicle on behalf of your company. However, a business owner shouldn’t feel burdened by it. Instead, it will offer important safety for the driver, the car, and other people in the event of collisions and other driving dangers.

Insuring a fleet of vehicles will result in higher costs. Nevertheless, various factors, including the number of drivers you hire and how you intend to use them, affect the cost of your coverage. To optimize your advantages, you must buy the right policy.

Multiple Driver Coverage on a Commercial Auto Policy

A commercial auto insurance policy will protect the company as the principal covered party. After all, when anything wrong happens to a company-owned vehicle, the firm will be held responsible for the price of repairs, medical expenses, and accident lawsuits.

Even though the policy may belong to the company, everyone permitted to operate the insured vehicles is also covered. On the one hand, this is advantageous to your business because it enables you to completely insure anyone who may be using one of your vehicles at any given time.

Even if you have a spotless driving record and credit score, your employees might not. As a result, you may now be more likely to experience a higher cost of your commercial auto insurance.

Your commercial auto insurance premiums will depend on several factors, including:

  • Vehicle size and weight
  • Location
  • Species of cargo
  • Credit rating
  • History of claims
  • Amount of the coverage bought

Each element affects the likelihood of your business submitting an insurance claim to the insurance provider. For example, the insurance provider will probably charge you more if you have drivers on the policy with a poor driving past because they are more likely to file a claim given their history.

How Much Does Business Auto Insurance Cost?

The cost of commercial auto insurance varies. According to a rough estimate, the average cost is between $900 and $1,200 annually. However, depending on the quantity of coverage, prices vary.

Because of the particular risk that heavier cars and those transporting hazardous goods offer to other people, insurance for these vehicles will cost more. States typically mandate that companies using these cars carry more liability insurance.

How To Get Cost-effective Commercial Auto Insurance?

Keep the following in mind as you seek to maintain competitive rates:

  • Verify the history of every driver: This is crucial for financial savings and ensuring that you only send dependable drivers out on the road. Check the records repeatedly to determine if a driver has been charged with traffic violations.
  • Increase the vehicles’ security by installing anti-theft locks: On commercial auto insurance, reducing the likelihood of making a claim might result in cost savings.
  • Make a bundle request: There may be options for some insurance providers to combine your commercial auto insurance coverage with other insurance benefits.
  • Request discounts: Many of the reductions offered on private auto plans are also on most commercial auto policies.
  • Avoid claims wherever you can: Repairing damage might occasionally be less expensive than paying your deductible. In this situation, it might be best to pay to get the damage fixed.


Even if you are required to carry the minimum amount of insurance, you may still find it advantageous to have far more. Your organization will be more equipped to resist commercial vehicle accidents and other threats if your strategy is more detailed and meets your needs.

This blog discusses if the policy price increases if there are several drivers. Are you looking to get an auto insurance policy for your business? Contact us at Locke Insurance to learn more about the policies.

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