Commercial Auto Insurance Claim Prevention Tips

You may be a business owner who helps ship and transport goods. Your commercial drivers fill an essential role. You rely on them to maintain business operations. That’s why purchasing a commercial auto insurance policy is so important. Your commercial drivers have a demanding role, often working long hours. Mistakes and, eventually, claims may arise because of that.

Here are some essential tips to avoid filing multiple commercial auto insurance claims, which will raise your premiums.

  • Make Good Hires

    Hiring the best drivers reduces the likelihood of mistakes on the road occurring. Insurance companies offer lower premiums to companies that have a staff of great drivers. On the opposite end, you will have a hard time finding coverage if your staff includes multiple drivers with poor records.

    You should also check an applicant’s employment history before hiring them. Performing a background check along with a drug and alcohol test should be a requirement before finalizing the hiring process.

  • Inspect Your Vehicles

    You can save money on commercial auto insurance premiums by ensuring safe vehicles. You should check your vehicles quarterly for potential maintenance and safety issues. Running these tests will reduce the likelihood of mistakes on the road that eventually lead to paying higher premiums.

  • Discuss Paying Attention

    While commercial drivers are generally aware of the dangers associated with distracted driving, there are other potential issues to train your employees about besides the dangers of texting while driving. Your drivers must always pay attention to the roads, especially when the highways are congested. Train your drivers to watch for fast drivers, lane switchers, and others while on the road.

    It’s also essential that your drivers are mindful of when someone is trying to get their attention. Maybe the other cars are trying to notify your drivers about a potential security concern, like an open back door or shaky truck bed.

  • Promote the Benefits of Staying Healthy

    Your commercial drivers must try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Long-distance driving could harm your employees’ physical and mental health. Eating well and getting the proper rest is essential. Ensure your drivers know they are expected to take breaks and get some sleep between long shifts. Perhaps a tired driver causes an accident and injures a few people. This could potentially cause your business to fold. Tired driving is hazardous. Your drivers should stay alert at all times.

Maximizing Savings on Commercial Auto Insurance Claims with Locke Insurance Group

At Locke Insurance Group, we understand that running a business is demanding. That’s why we offer valuable insights to help you save money on insurance claims, freeing your resources for business growth. Contact us if you have any questions about commercial auto insurance, our dedicated team is here to provide you with top-notch coverage and expert assistance, ensuring your business is well-protected while you focus on its expansion and success.

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