Auto Insurance: Does It Covers DUI Accidents?

Getting a citation involving drunk driving can have multiple consequences, including higher insurance rates. It’s possible to carry auto insurance for DUI coverage, but an auto insurance policy most likely will only provide coverage if the policyholder is not a fault. Here’s a closer look at how a DUI can affect auto insurance.

Will Auto Insurance Cover DUI Accidents?

Your insurance company may fight your auto insurance claim if you cause an accident while driving under alcohol. But if you are not at fault in an auto accident, regardless of whether you have been drinking alcohol, your insurance will probably send a pay-out.

Is there such a thing as auto insurance for DUI violations? Not really; since insurance companies put drivers with DUIs in a high-risk category, they raise insurance rates. They consider drunk driving an intentional decision that voids coverage when it causes an accident. Once you get a DUI, finding an insurer offering a cheap rate will be difficult.

Consequences of a DUI accident

A DUI accident can lead to a driver’s license suspension, and the event can also stay on the individual’s driving record for up to 10 years. Additionally, the driver’s insurance rate can jump by as much as 127 percent. You can be charged for a DUI up to a year after an accident you caused while driving intoxicated.

How Much Do I Need to Pay After A DUI?

Your insurance rates can rise if you get a DUI, whether you caused an accident or not. DUIs are a big cause of insurance companies losing money. Different insurance companies handle DUIs differently, but most auto insurers significantly boost rates on customers who get a DUI. Someone with a clean driving record might normally pay around $2,500 per year for auto insurance. But after a DUI, they might see their rate jump to over $4,300.

Which Records Do Insurance Companies Check for DUI?

You can expect your insurance company to investigate your driving record’s past three to five years if you are involved in a DUI accident. It’s different in each state. There’s a chance an insurance company might look as far back as ten years when a DUI occurs.

Do GAP Insurance Cover DUI Accidents?

GAP insurance covers the difference between how much your insurer pays out and the balance on your totaled and leased vehicle. The current value of your vehicle will be a factor that affects the payout. GAP insurance, however, probably won’t pay for damages if you are found to be intoxicated while driving.

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